time for a Canary




Making their recent debut in country music in 2018, The Coal Mine Canaries are a fresh face to the scene, exploring the boundaries of the genre in a playful and provocative way while creating a unique identity that can best be described as ‘Outlaw Canadian Country’. With six band members bringing a wide range of musical backgrounds and influences to the table, the resulting effect is a fusion of stylistic elements that pay deep homage to their Alberta country roots in a meaningful and imaginative way. Finding a unique balance between new and old school country tones, traditional country elements such as lap steel guitar, banjo, and harmonica are used to provoke the audience in unexpected ways along with their clever tongue-in-cheek lyrics that the genre is renowned for. The Coal Mine Canaries tease their listeners with a high-contrast sonic spectrum that showcases their multiple vocalists, strong musicianship and most importantly, their entertaining stage presence and undeniable comradery and chemistry as a band. 

The band is courageous and authentic in their musical mandate and has carved out their own niche in the country music landscape to share their visceral interpretation of contemporary country music with a wide range of listeners. The Coal Mine Canaries don’t play at the party. They are the party - and everyone is invited. 


Vocals, Guitar | Taylor Cullen

Vocals, Guitar | Skylar Howrish

Vocals, Banjo & Steel | Brett Cassidy

Bass | Max McFadyen

Drums | Willy Garcia






Alberta love.



It's Your Party

by The Coal Mine Canaries

Gettin’ after it with a good ol’ tune for the honky tonk.